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What we do

Thirty years of experience have given us what we need to provide exceptional service

Patricia Sharman & Company have a tried and tested process which guarantees that, from our first conversation with you to the event itself, you receive only the highest standard of service, and that you feel satisfied throughout. You need only to read our Testimonials to see that our clients always receive an outstanding degree of quality from us.

Firstly, we understand that everyone has different needs for their big events and everyone likes to know that all is going to plan. To this end, we maintain regular contact with you, the client, throughout to make sure that everything we do is to your specifications and to ensure that the end result reflects your expectations. As such, we are never more than an email or phone call away, which means that we are able to build up a personal and genuine relationship with you.

We realise that, in order to provide an exemplary catering service, the quality of our food has to be absolutely top-notch. To achieve this we endeavour to use local suppliers wherever possible as we trust them to ensure that the produce that they supply is always excellent. In addition, using local suppliers means that the food has travelled a minimal distance and is often fresher and more delicious as a result.

Adding to the benefits of using local suppliers is our commitment to prepare and cook all the food freshly in direct preparation for your event. This often means utilising a kitchen at the venue to make sure that the food that reaches your tables is as fresh as possible and that the quality is absolutely evident.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that the caterer is just one part of a much larger event and so we endeavour to liaise with the various other providers to guarantee a completely seamless occasion. This includes working with the venue to make sure we have the necessary space to store, make and serve the food and working with the bar so that the drink always compliments the meal.

Finally, one thing that our years of experience have taught us is that a lot can change on the day. In order to minimise the stress that this can cause, we aim to be as flexible as possible and respond to any alterations or last-minute requests that might emerge as the event approaches or even gets underway.

Ultimately, every aspect of our catering service is focused on making sure that you get the most out of your big event.