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Working with you

Our aim is always to give you exactly what you want

Patricia Sharman & Company understand that every event is different – it depends on the occasion and it depends upon the individuals involved. It is for this reason that we endeavour to build up a strong rapport with every client so we can deliver exactly what they want on the day.

This service begins with the first contact, when you inform us of the date, location and other key details of your event. After this, the next step is usually to arrange a meeting so that we can discuss with you the bigger picture and start to get a proper idea of what exactly you want from us and what exactly we can provide in return. Our usual practice is to visit you for these meetings so that they can be conducted in the comfort of your own home, but we are also more than happy to welcome you to our office to discuss your event. Of course, we understand that many people have never planned a large scale event before and so we offer up our considerable experience and wealth of knowledge to help you make the right decisions. To that end, we are never more than an email or a phone call away if you want to ask any further questions or make little tweaks to the original plans. In short, feel free to pick our brains on any subject related to your event.

Furthermore, we are also able to provide recommendations for providers of other relevant services, such as a bar and drinks company or a florist, among many others. Once you have made your choices, whether based on our recommendations or not, we will do our utmost to liaise and work with these other providers so that everything goes off without a hitch.

As well as further meetings, we can also provide other services before the day to help you feel more at ease about your catering options. One such service is the opportunity to partake in a tasting, in which our chefs will provide a sample of your chosen menu so you can make certain that it suits all your needs. This is also useful for any special dietary requirements that you or your guests might have.

In the days immediately before your event, we will work with the venue to make sure everything is ready before the function itself. This often includes getting the kitchen up and running, as well as laying all the tables – a task which involves liaising with both you and other providers to make sure it all looks exactly as you would like it to. Naturally, we always use high quality tablecloths, cutlery, glassware and crockery, to ensure immaculate presentation.

The final part of working with you comes on the day itself. We make sure we, including all our staff, are totally approachable so you can make any last-minute tweaks or alterations, even as the event gets underway.

As far as we’re concerned, following this process is integral to providing a truly professional service and ensuring our clients’ absolute satisfaction.